Mazal Fabrikant is an experimental Lab, a growing design and production studio in the field of 3D visualizations and photography – with a distinct intention to get together the artistic and commercial.

I have the ambition to tell engaging stories, surprise and maybe irritate, moving things forward, being innovative, perservering and creating timeless and beautiful imagery and state-of-the-art visual experiences.
— Mazal Fabrikant 2018


I feel specially attracted by projects that imply a multidisciplinary creative solution: real photography or CGI. Digital or tactile. Or both. I love to experiment and provide technically outstanding visual solutions, making sleek, clean and bold images.
— Mazal Fabrikant 2019

The borders between real and artificial are melting. To fulfill todays requirements creating unique, state-of-the-art images with a distinct handwriting and to combine specialized technical craftsmanship with an eye for aesthetics relies on production and lightning experience. Mazal Fabrikant’s Identity is based on continuous research between technical and creative competences.

Due to my professional background in photography gained over more then two decades Mazal Fabrikant strive to achieve and redefine at the intersection where art, design and photography meets the complexity of digital and physical space. Mazal Fabrikant delivers everything from the initial idea, concept development and modelling to final stills and animations in a contemporary and photorealistic expression – always with the highest level of details.


Out of the Lab – Working processes

Go digital but never forget the soul - the haptic in the image.
Mazal Fabrikant fulfills this promise!
— Thomas Wolfram / Creative Director, Martin et Karczinski