Mazal Fabrikant is an experimental Lab, a growing design and production studio in the field of 3D visualizations and photography – with a distinct intention to get together the artistic and commercial.

I have the ambition to tell engaging stories, surprise and maybe irritate, moving things forward, being innovative, perservering and creating timeless and beautiful imagery and state-of-the-art visual experiences.
— Mazal Fabrikant 2018


Go digital but never forget the soul - the haptic in the image.
Mazal Fabrikant fulfills this promise!
— Thomas Wolfram / Creative Director, Martin et Karczinski

The explanation

CGI combined with still life photography has been around for many years.Knowing when to use real life photography, pure CGI or a combination of both relies on production experience and knowledge gained through problem solving in the field.




The secret combining CGI with still life has to do with mimicking the exact same specifi-cations that were in the live shot in a 3D environment. By using the same camera, lens and angle used in the virtual set you get the perfect match and won't see it's done in CG.





The benefit

You gain full control of brightness, highlights and reflections which you don’t get in real life. Sometimes creating certain images can not be done in real life, but using a real background combined with CG elements can produce an outstanding image. 



Out of the Lab – Working process of analog work and digital composing